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Catering Menu

Private Room for Team Parties & Company
Meetings! Call for reservations!


Wing of Fire (30)$32.00

Party Sampler$39.99

16 wings | 8 Potato Skins| 2 Full loafs with cheese


Small Salad Trays 6-8 servings| Large Salad Trays 20-25 servings

Green Salad

With assorted dressings

Small - 23.99
Large - 44.99

Caesar Salad

Small - 25.99
Large - 49.99

Greek Salad

Small - 29.99
Large - 54.99

Western Chicken Salad

Small - 35.99
Large - 69.99

Pasta Trays

All Pasta Trays serve 8 people and come with Garlic Bread

Tray of Baked Cheese Tortellini$44.99

Tray of Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce$39.99

Tray of Meat Lasagna$44.99

Tray of Penne Alfredo$39.99